sunnuntai 27. toukokuuta 2012


OMG OMG I`VE GOT 3 NEW READERS?!?! WHOOOO!! And since I did some spying around I found out that none of you new readers are from Finland, therefore I`m gonna write this post in english! Yea that`s right! Prepare to be baffled with the amount of bad grammar and misspelling you`re about to see soon.

Soooo yesterday I went to this Finnish Fashion Stock Sale, where finnish designers sell their designs and samples with discounts. And I was there like "shut up and take my money"!

I got this dress from Minna Parikka. Of course I`m gonna buy fucking warm dress made of wool just before summer, cos that`s how I roll.  This one was quite a bargain, it was only 80 euros whooo!

These Poola Kataryna birdie-earrings were 20euros. The earrings are made of wood and they are superlight though they are quite big. Yay!

I also got this pink turban with a huge bow from Kirsi Nisonen. I love it! I actually allready have one of these in black. My fat kitty, Hugo, wanted to come to the balcony and take some photos with me. Aww he`s so photogenic as you can see...

And last but not least I got this With love Sanna Hopiavuori ring made of leather for 5 euros.

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